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Clyde Coastal Path



Jim Adamson, Rotary Club of Gourock, was the first contact and planned the route from the Kelly Burn to the Erskine Bridge.

Richard Aitken, President Rotary Club of Allander RY 1989, who, through his company, Richard Aitkens, supplied many tonnes of Type 1 at cost. He also gave a lot of advice and avoided a potentially embarassing situation.

Frank Alexander was an early walker of the IATS and hence of the FoCRT and of the CCP.

Iain Balfour, Rotary Club of Renfrew, took over the Chair of the CCP / Langbank Community Council Liaison Committee from Iain White. The committee is charged with investigating the feasibility of creating a new route from the eastern end of the Kelburn Park along the shore and over the A8 to Langbank.

Jimmy Begg, Rotary Club of Ayr, initiated the Ayrshire Coastal Path and instigated the Firth o Clyde Rotary Trail.

Jim Blair, President Rotary Club of Gourock RY 1991 and RY 2022. He took over from Jim Adamsom and is now the Path Guardian of the CCP from the Kelly Burn to the Erskine Bridge, including the braids. This is, by far, the longest section looked after by any one person. He chairs the Committee directing website development.

Alan Bradley, Rotary Club of Erskine, is the Path Guardian of the CCP from Boden Boo to the Rivers Cart.

Vincent Cuddihy, President Rotary Club of Allander RY 2012 and RY 2019. In a former life, he was a kenspeckled GP in Milngavie, where he still lives. Having written our Guidebook, he has become an Author. To write the Guidebook, he walked every step of the CCP. He was awarded PHF in 2018 for his work on CCP.

Jacqueline Doherty, Secretary of the Langbank Community Council and now also Secretary of the CCP / LCC Liaison Committee.

Bill Dudgeon, President Rotary Club of Allander RY1972, was a great source of encouragement in our early years. He helped to survey the route from the Erskine Bridge to Milngavie.

Bill Freeland, Operations Manager of West Dunbartonshire Community Payback Scheme, now retired. For his excellent work and encouragement in helping us to create the Clyde Coast Path, he was awarded the PHF by the Rotary Club of Allander.

Jim Gibbons, Councillor East Dunbartonshire, was most helpful in organizing the FoCRT Opening in Milngavie.

Lynne Gibbons, President Rotary Club of Allander RY2021, was an early adviser to our nascent group.

Paul Harris, Founder of Rotary

Tracey Houston, Rotary Club of Paisley Callants, is Treasurer of the CCP from RY 2022.

Cotton Joe, the first walker of the CCP as part of walking the IATS. He has walked more of the Appalachian and International Appalachian than anyone else.

Alexa Jury, with dog Bruce, was the first female walker of IATS and CCP.

Cotton Joe is an intrepid walker of the Apellachian Trail and the International Apellachain Trails. He was the first to walk the IATS and CCP.

George Little, Rotary Club of Govan, very kindly gave us the use of a company office, with refreshemnts, for our Board Meetings before the pandemic.

Kenny McAskill, MSP, Minister of Justice and hence Community Payback, visited CCP.

Ron McCraw worked for Scottish Natural Heritage for 18 years, now retired, but he is here bacause of the advice and support he gave to CCP, especially it its early stages.

Norrie McLeod, Rotary Club of Clydebank, was an early enthusiastbut was withdrawn as Clydebank felt that CCP would not sufficiently impact their area.

Iain MacVoy, Rotary Club of Allander, Path Guardian of the section of the Douglas Muir. He was also our techincal advisor and suggested re-routing the path to its current line.

Paul Maiolani, Rotary Club of Renfrew, Path Guardian form the King George V Dock to the Rivers Cart. He is also our Quartermaster.

Sally Magnusson, is a broadcaster and Author. She opened FoCRT and is an Honorary Member of the Rotary Club of Allander. Sally wrote the Foreword to the Guidebook.

John Oliver, President Rotary Club of Allander RY 2011, and involved at the very start of the CCP.

Gill Paterson, MSP, opened the Thomas Wood Path, visited us again with the Juctice Secretary, and entered a motion on our work in Parliament.

Donald Petrie, Access Officer West Dumbartonshire, is a tremendous sourse of knowledge and insrpiration to CCP.

Jimmy Philips, Rotary Club of Allander, is Path Guardian for the CCP between Hardgate and the Cochno Road.

Graeme Pollock, Rotary Club of Govan, is Path Guardian of the CCP between Partick Station and the King George V Dock.

Colin Robertson, President Rotary Cbub of Allander RY 1973, was an advior and a great supporter of CCP in it nascent years.

Gordon Russell, Rotary Club of Paisley Callants (Past President 2015 and current Secretary), is Path Guardian of the CCP between Paisley Abbey and the Rivers Cart and Secretary to the CCP Board..

Stuart Sharkie, President Rotary Cub of Allander RY2022, and enthusiastic Path Guardian of the CCP between the Erskine Bridge and Hardgate.

Iain Sim, President Rotary Club of Allander RY 2018 is Path Gurdian of the CCP between the Stockiemuir Road and Milgavie. He presented the PHF to Bill Freeland.

Tom Stevenson, Rotary Club of Stranraer, Presented a cheque to Sally Magnusson for Playlist for Life at the opening of FoCRT. He received the Queen’s Medal for his work on the Mull of Galloway Trail.

John Waddell, Rotary District Governor RY 2015, noted that all FoCRT lay in the same Rotary District whist talking at the FoCRT opening.

Paul Wheelhouse, Government Minister, opened CCP

Iain R White, President Rotary Club of Allander RY 2013, Route Manager and Webmaster CCP, awarded PHF for work on CCP, edited Guidebook.

Tam Wood, Supervisor Community Payback West Dunbartonshire, died just before the opening of the section of path now named after him, the Thomas Wood Path.

John Oliver

Lynn Gibbons

Alexa Jury

John Waddell

Stuart Sharkie

Jim Adamson

Jimmy Begg

Frank Alexander

Sally Magnusson

Colin Robertson

Vincent Cuddihy

Cotton Joe

Richard Aitken

Jim Blair

Ron McCraw

Iain Sim

Paul Harris

Gil Paterson

Gordon Russell

Tam Wood

Paul Wheelhouse

Iain R White

Tom Stevenson